US and International

SFU has a highly diverse community, with both faculty and graduate students from around the world. International students comprise 20–25% of the graduate student population as a whole and 40–60% in science and technology areas.

The largest numbers of our graduate students come to SFU from China, Iran, the United States, India and Germany, but we have students from over 100 countries. (Want to know more? See our engagement map)

In most programs at Simon Fraser University, US and international students pay the same fees as domestic students for graduate programs (Masters, Doctoral, Graduate Diploma). See fee chart for details.

Application Process

The graduate school application process is the same for domestic and US/international students.

Different graduate programs have different application deadlines.

International applicants are encouraged to apply early in order to ensure adequate time to obtain study permits and make travel arrangements. In some countries, it can take months to obtain a study permit, especially if a medical exam is required. (See important tips: how to avoid delays in study permit processing)

If you have questions about your admission qualifications, please contact your target department of enrollment directly.