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Creating space for transformative conversations

About Us

Our mission

To foster shared understanding and positive action through dialogue and engagement.

Our values

  • We work in service of the public to generate solutions for our most pressing challenges.
  • We bring together and honour diverse voices and actively remove barriers to participation to reflect the full range of community interests and create conditions for innovation.
  • We believe in the importance of transparency in our methods and our motives, and in how we share what we learn with the wider world.

What we do

  • We create space for respectful conversations, where mutual curiosity and collaborative inquiry act as alternatives to adversarial approaches.
  • We support student success through experiential learning and participation in our research and programming.
  • We connect the university and community partners to work towards shared objectives in ways that value each party‚Äôs unique knowledge and contributions.
  • We serve as a trusted convenor, grounding our work in research and evidence-based information.
  • We act as a hub for dialogue and engagement initiatives, fostering a culture of shared learning and support that enables ongoing improvement and innovation.
  • We work across sectors and across borders to support communities locally, nationally and internationally.