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Centre for Dialogue
3300-515 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 5K3
Tel 778.782.7893

Shauna Sylvester
Tel 778.782.7895

Kala Harris
Tel 778.782.5075

Robin Prest
Program Manager, Civic Engage
Tel 778.782.7885

Jenna Dunsby
Dialogue and Engagement Convenor, Civic Engage
Tel 778.782.3194

Grace Lee
Assistant to the Director
Tel 778.782.9579

Mark L. Winston, FRSC
Professor and Senior Fellow
Tel 778.782.7894

Sebastian Merz
Dialogue and Engagement Analyst, Civic Engage
Tel 778.782.9986

If you are interested in booking venue space, please contact SFU Meetings and Events at