Reconciling Injustices in a Pluralistic Canada

Reconciling Injustices in a Pluralistic Canada was one of the most comprehensive events ever held in Canada to highlight the knowledge and expertise that stakeholders themselves bring to reconciling injustices. The pending dialogue report identifies shared principles to support the reconciliation of a broad range of historical and contemporary injustices in Canadian society, while the event discussion guide and speaker videos provide an ongoing educational resource in this area.

Included in the dialogue’s 109 participants were community leaders involved in the reconciliation of specific injustices, representatives from three levels of government, decision-makers from major institutions and members of the public. This level of interaction among different communities and stakeholder groups was a defining feature of the event, and provided a breadth and depth of knowledge not possible from examining any single experience or perspective.

Photos from the event:

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Special thanks to event advisors Robert Daum, Larry Grant and Diana Juricevic.