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Upcoming Course(s)

Applications for Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 are now CLOSED.

Summer 2017

SFU Semester Outside in the City III

Full-time, 10 credits (DIAL 390W, 391W)

For the past two summers, students from across universities and disciplines came together to re-vision the potential for outdoor learning within Vancouver. This was part of the Outdoor Learning Project by CityStudio which saw students from SFU Semester in Dialogue and BCIT create innovative temporary installations and educational projects within Everett Crowley Park. These two terms enabled students to deepen their connection with the natural world and be proactive as ecologically caring citizens of the city.  We look forward to continuing this work as we begin Semester Outside in the City III this summer.

The City of Vancouver Parks Board Environmental Education & Stewardship Action Plan (EESAP-2014) "Rewilding Vancouver" identifies the creation of special wild places in the city as its first priority area. This semester will take place in this urban wild, building directly on the work done in the last two summer terms. Likely conversations needing further exploration include: indigeneity and colonization, public conception of the purpose of parks, re-wilding, nature-as-teacher, urban ecology, wildness, ecological vs. outdoor learning, and many more.

We will focus on the continued exploration of urban parks as outdoor learning sites within the city. We will deeply consider the history, ecology and communities of the sites that we engage with as a starting point for design. We will also consider the terms public space, wild space and what re-wilding in urban parks mightlook like. By listening and learning from the multitude of voices that inhabit urban wildernesses we hope to better understand the complex systems, deep connections and our relation to them.  Students will work on both individual and group projects. Don’t miss out on the indoor and outdoor adventures during this innovative and experiential Semester Outside in the City!

For more details on Semester Outside I and II watch these videos and take a look at the reports HERE.

Course runs Monday through Friday 9:30-3:30
Instructors:  Dr. Laura Piersol, Mark Winston and Janet Moore

Fall 2017—Apply by MARCH 10

SFU Semester at CityStudio

Full-time, 15 credits (DIAL 390W, 391W, 392W)

Semester at CityStudio brings together bright, innovative students from diverse backgrounds, disciplines and universities to collaborate with The City of Vancouver on demonstration projects. CityStudio is an immersive, team learning environment combining interdisciplinary skills with the complexity of collaborating within a group setting. The course combines dialogue and design elements, and requires students to engage with communities, research existing urban interventions and design projects to improve the world around them. Students will co-create projects based on needs of City of Vancouver and the community and are encouraged to bring an open mind about project scope to the program. 

By focusing on current issues that matter in Vancouver, students have an opportunity to develop innovative solutions that assist The City of Vancouver in reaching its goals. Students cultivate the skills necessary to conduct student led dialogues, public presentations, and to engage in multi-stakeholder processes with policy makers and City of Vancouver staff. The course offers field experiences, on-the-ground training, leadership development, group process, and urban sustainability project management skills.

Course runs Monday thru Friday, 9:30-3:30.
Students register through SFU. Course open to students from all participating universities.

Instructors:  Janet Moore, Lisa Novak, Adrian Sinclair

Lisa Novak is an multidisciplinary designer and educator based in Vancouver, Canada. She currently holds a Bachelor of Arts from Leeds Metropolitan University, England, and a Master of Design from Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

Novak's practice and research heavily focuses on pedagogy, youth engagement, social practice, creative dissent and artistic activism. Formerly of design studio LCND in London, England, she currently teaches at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver, where she hosted the Winter School of Disobedience alongside political philosopher Cissie Fu in February 2017.

She is the founder of the School of Collaboration and Invention—a youth-led program focusing on artistic activism, design and social impact—and the Library of Resistance—a multifaceted research project investigating the roles and responsibilities of art and design in social and political movements.

She has previously received the BC Youth Engagement Grant for her project Exchange, which she facilitated and developed in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver in July 2015.

Adrian Sinclair is the Co-Founder of the event-design company: Transformation Projects. His specialty: finding ways to get audacious ideas off the ground that encourage folks to connect in public spaces. Adrian is a co-founder of the Vancouver Mural Festival, the BC Mobile Sauna Society, and the Freestyle Focus Group. During his tenure at Transformation Projects, he has had the chance to co-develop what he calls a “stakeholder-first approach” in order to design events with clients like the Museum of Vancouver, Simon Fraser University, the Dragon Boat Festival, Hootsuite Media, BC Civil Liberties Union, The City of Vancouver and Bass Coast Festival. He teaches Gong Fu Cha (Chinese Tea Ceremony) classes at Sun Yat Sen Chinese Traditional Garden, and has led a weekly Freestyle Rap Drop-in for 7 years. Adrian completed his MA in Philosophy at The University of Western.