Student Involvement

A significant aim of the ESP lies in the training of students and provision of learning experiences for them to become better equipped for future research and community involvement. It is under this aim that we have made every attempt to maximize the student involvement in all of the individual projects. Approximately twenty percent of the yearly project budget will be devoted to student assistants.

Student training and guidance will be facilitated through individual project investigators who will involve their student research assistants in as much of the project activities as possible. Each student will have an academic mentor who will be a senior researcher with extensive experience in the training of students. Students also will have the opportunity to experience research in the setting of the community partner, thereby expanding the traditional student research experience and building relationships for future research and participatory endeavors. They will learn positive models for community-academic collaboration and participatory action research, as well as the nature of research careers not only in the academic, but also community and public sectors.

Although many of the student positions have been funded by, and are therefore designated to, specific departments at partnering Universities, any open-competition postings will be detailed on this site in addition to postings placed with BC university and college student employment services.

The current ESP postings follow:

Please check back for upcoming positions.