Emergency information and procedures

What to do in an emergency

In an emergency call 911

  • Call 911 from any phone, but if you can call from a campus phone, Campus Security will be automatically notified of the call location. A phone is located in every classroom.
  • If you are unsure if it is an emergency, always err on the side of caution.
  • When you call 911 you will be asked if you need police, fire or ambulance, and then what is happening and the location.

Urgent assistance is available 24/7 at each of our campuses

Campus Security

 Emergency Line
(Urgent Security/ First Aid)   
+1 778 782 4500
Non-Emergency Line
(Security/ Safe Walk)
+1 778 782 7991

Campus Security provides emergency support, first aid response, and helps to guide emergency responders (fire, ambulance, police) to the right place on campus quickly.

For non-emergency assistance, such as to request a Safe Walk at any time, call the non-emergency line.

Emergency procedures

Review what to do during the following hazard-specific emergencies.


Take advantage of the following safety services.


Report all hazards and incidents.


Review helpful safety resources.