Welcome to Graduate Studies in English!

The good news: starting in fall 2021, SFU will be teaching almost all courses in-person, and this includes our graduate courses. We are excited to return to real-time human-presence teaching, with as many subtleties, nuances, inflections, and richnesses as the literature we study. This semester, we have Leith Davis teaching an embodied humanities course on changing media ecologies of 18th-century Britain. A historical exploration of 16th-century information technology and Shakespearean and Jonsonian drama lies at the centre of James Fleming’s English 831. Betty Schellenberg’s course on 18th-century poetry will take up the many forms (and formats) poetry circulated in, to think of it as an event. And Peter Cramer’s course on the controversy and consensus will test how their relationship conditions public and private discourse. It will be bracing and vitalizing to be back.

A vibrant research and teaching community of over 25 faculty members, SFU's Department of English has strengths in major areas of English literature, language, and print culture. We currently have faculty working in conceptual fields, such as ecocriticism, psychoanalytic theory, poetics, and Indigenous studies, as well as historical periods, such as the medieval, early modern, 18th- and 19th-century literatures, and 20th-century literatures in English, and we have maintained our distinctive strength in Canadian literature.

The English Graduate Program has been designed to reflect current faculty expertise and research interests. Our curriculum offers a wide range of courses covering a variety of pedagogical and methodological perspectives in fields of theory, print culture and book history, historical literatures, national and geographical literatures, writing and rhetoric, and topics in language and literature.

Our MA program is designed to provide a critical and comprehensive awareness of English studies. We offer students considerable flexibility in structuring their work and currently provide three distinct options for the MA program. Our PhD program is highly selective; we accept a small number of students whose dissertation proposals closely match current department areas of research.

The English Graduate Program remains committed to providing students with a balanced program of studies that permits them to prepare for careers in academic life, as well as careers in other fields. We will continue to examine our programs so that we can keep alive the founding spirit of 1965, the belief that the study of literature and writing is essential to the well-being of our society.