Retinal Surface Registration

Comparing multiple retinas

The challenge in quantifying the shape difference between two or more retinas from either a single subject (longitudinal) or multiple subjects (cross-sectional) is to establish anatomical correspondence between the retinas. The conventional approach is to define certain regions ("sectors") based on anatomical landmarks, scale, and orientation, but this often does not take into account individual variability among the subjects, and measurement values must be averaged over the regions with small, local changes becoming "averaged out" and not easily detectable. 

Pointwise matching of retinal surfaces

Our exact registration of a target retinal surface to a template retinal surface occurs in two stages: first, the surfaces are brought into close geometrical proximity by representing the surfaces as mathematical currents, and using the associated reproducing kernel Hilbert space norm to define and minimize the distance measure between the surfaces. This is followed by spherical demons registration which yields point-to-point correspondence between the surfaces.


S. Lee, E. Lebed, M. Sarunic, M. F. Beg, "Exact Surface Registration of Retinal Surfaces from 3D Optical Coherence Tomography Images," IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng., Accepted for publication (2014)