Haida phrases

In spring of 2016, Anvita Abbi, visiting professor of linguistics and President of the Linguistic Society of India, visited Haida Gwaii and made extensive recordings of Xaad Kil, courtesy of the generous donation of time and knowledge by local elders. Explore the sounds of this unique language in the recordings below.

Weather phrases

"It's raining"

"The weather is nice" (it's sunny)

"To have rain"

"In the morning"

"This evening"

"When it becomes evening"



"Blow" (referring to wind)

"From which direction is the wind blowing"

Kinship phrases

"The mother made the child cut the meat"

"Charlie's brother"

"Joe's uncle"

"My brother"

"A child, this child"

"Little child"

"My mother and my sister did not come"

"My mother didn't come (as well as) my sister didn't come"

"Mom" (address)





"Older brother"

"Younger brother"



"Younger sister"


"His sister"

"He didn't hit Sally's sister"

"He hit his own sister"


"Father (F)"

"Father (M)"

"My father"

"One of your mothers"




"Grandmother (F)"

"Grandmother (M)"

"Grandfather (F)"

"Grandfather (M)"