First Nations Studies partners with Indigenous and other communities and individuals to build dynamic relationships that restore and revitalize traditional knowledges, ancient and modern aesthetics, languages and literatures.

As a community of learners, we connect and honour academic rigor and Indigenous perspectives through activist research, creative production, and community engagement.

First Nations Studies offers sequential, comprehensive learning rooted in traditional and contemporary Aboriginal logic, methodology, practice and theory.

Indigenous Literatures and Film Fest
Join our FNST 201W and ENGL 844 explorers
to celebrate Indigenous Literatures and their associated art forms.

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What's new in FNS!

September 1st, 2017 is a historical date for FNS.  We have the following new developments in the Department and offer Best Wishes to all!

Thank you: Our warmest THANKS to Dr. Eldon Yellowhorn for his leadership first serving as Director to FNS and then as Chair when FNS became a department. Eldon will be teaching FNST 433 this Fall term and then will be on a well deserved Chair's leave in 2018!

New: Our warmest CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Deanna Reder in her new role as our new Department Chair for a three-year term. Dr. Reder has previously served as Undergraduate Chair for FNS. Among many of her roles, Deanna is Principle Investigator to a 5-year SSHRC funded "The People and the Text: Indigenous Writing in Northern North America up to 1992" research project. See more at our People webpage.

New: Warmest WELCOME to Dr. June Scudeler! Dr. Scudeler is SFU's newest Shadbolt Fellow (2017-2020). We are delighted to have June join our faculty team as Term Assistant Professor during her tenure as Shadbolt Fellow. (See also FASS Shadbolt webpage.)

New: Congratulations to Dr. Rudolf Reimer! Dr. Reimer receives a new appointment as Associate Professor! Dr. Reimer holds a joint appointment with Archaeology and FNS. He has served as Undergraduate Chair for FNS and will be on Study Leave this academic year.

New: Joining our Undegraduate Chair team as new UCC Chair is Dr. Marianne Ignace. Marianne holds a joint appointment in FNS and Linguistics. She is the Director of the First Nations Language Centre and Priniciple Investigator to the seven-year SSHRC researh project on First Nations language preservation and revitalization.

New: Launched is our newest course, FNST 286 Indigenous Peoples and British Columbia: An Introduction course.  We welcome back Joyce Schneider this Fall term to teach FNST 286.

New and Returning: Warmest welcome to our newest instructional team members for Fall 2017: Shea Henry, our newest Sessional Instructor teaching FNST 101 this Fall term; Thomas Royle, our newest Teaching Assistant for FNST 101 D100 section and Chelsea Meloche, our newest Tutor/Marker for FNST 101 CODE section. Warmest Welcome Back to Joyce Schneider (SI FNST 286), Katherine Nichols (TA FNST 101) and Sandra Dielissen (TM FNST 401).

New: A Sincere Welcome to Patrizia Zanella, a Visiting PhD Student from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland who will be hosted by the First Nations Studies Department for Fall 2017. Patrizia is working on Indigenous literatres by Louise Erdrich, James Welch, Thomas King, and Tomson Highway.

First Nations Studies and Canada 150


Visit our FNS Canada 150 webpage for more course details.

Upcoming SPRING 2018 Courses:

FNST 222-3-3 Selected Topics: in First Nations Studies
Topic: Indigenous Film and Resurgence
Tuesday afternoons. Burnaby Campus

FNST 322-3 Special Topics in First Nations Studies
Topic: Ethnoecology of BC First Nations
Friday afternoons. Burnaby Campus

Centre Online and Distance Education (CODE):
TBA (C100)

(More information will be provided in November.)

Course outlines:


New Programs!

First Nations Studies
1) launches new Major!
2) join Co-op Education Program in FNS!

FALL 2017

2017 Specials & Highlights!

CREE Language Course
(Burnaby Campus)
FNLG 133-3 E100




FALL 2017

1) Research Positions - TBA
2) Work-Study Positions - Two (2) positions available.

See FNS Employment webpage on upcoming Work-Study and/or RA temporary positions.


Welcome to FNS @ SFU!

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October 20, 2017
FNS Indigenous Literature and Film Fest


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FNS Student Union Meeting
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Thank you to all our alumni, students, families, colleagues, and Elders for your continuing support to SFU First Nations Studies. Our FALL 2017 fundraising goals: TBA shortly.

FALL 2017 Graduation

Last day to submit application to graduate (EARLY BIRD): October 20, 2017.  (FNEP Cohorts Students: Click HERE for FNEP Graduation Application form.)

Indigenous Students Honouring Ceremony ( for students graduated in Summer and Fall 2017 and Spring 2018: June 2017

Congratulations, Grads!

Warmest wishes to all First Nations Studies Summer 2017 Graduands!

Fall 2017 Convocation Ceremonies Program (URL TBA)


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