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Why Study French?

One of the two official languages of Canada, French is spoken on every continent by millions of people. A language for diplomacy, business, science and arts, French is more than ever a major asset in a globalized world. It opens doors to a variety of career choices in education, translation, tourism as well as provincial and federal positions of responsibility.    See more



On April 28, 200 French-speaking youth from Great Vancouver are expected to come to SFU Burnaby campus for a day of festivities centered on the pride of being Canadian and bilingual, a value being celebrated this year for the 150th anniversary of confederation.
Vous êtes cordialement invité(e)s à assister à la soutenance du mémoire de maîtrise de Jenny Steinke, qui aura lieu jeudi, le 13 avril, à partir de 10:30 à Harbour Centre, 1425 Repap Policy Room.
Fren 217 "Les Francomédiens" vont donner leur spectacle mercredi 5 avril, (16h30-17h45) au salon des étudiants du BAFF.
Une Canadienne remporte le titre de «meilleure prof du monde»

Congratulations to alumnus, Chris Clarke (BA, French), on the publication of his new translation: In the Café of Lost Youth, Patrick Modiano

Help with writing in French is only one click away
French Department modernizes learning language lab

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