Why Study French?

One of the two official languages of Canada, French is spoken on every continent by millions of people. A language for diplomacy, business, science and arts, French is more than ever a major asset in a globalized world. It opens doors to a variety of career choices in education, translation, tourism as well as provincial and federal positions of responsibility.    See more


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Call for submissions for the 25th conference of the Centre d'études franco-canadiennes de l'Ouest/ Centre d'études Québec-Pacifique:

Identités et communautés francophones en milieu minoritaire au Canada


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Employment opportunities

SECRETARY, GRADE 6– Competition #296
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences - French

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Exchange and Work/Study Abroad Opportunities

Teaching Assistant Program in France:

Department contact for the program: Dr. Catherine Black

email: cblack@sfu.ca  tel: 778-782-8611.

To apply please visit the Canada-USA TAPIF online platform: www.tapif.org

Recent Faculty Publications


La francophonie de la Colombie-Britannique : mémoire et fiction (2012)

Espaces culturels francophones III

Dr. Christian Guilbault

Colonisation, Globalisation et Vitalité du français (2014)

Dr. Cécile Vigouroux



The Dynamic Classroom (2010)

Engaging Students in Higher Education

Dr. Catherine Black

Nouveaux regards sur Ivan Goll en exil avec un choix de ses lettres des Amériques (2010)

Dr. Stephen Steele