The Trails of Stanley Park

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Stanley Park offers over 27 kilometers of forest trails, as well as an additional 8.8 kilometers with the famous Seawall. The paths throughout the park are either paved, gravelled or bark-mulched. The forest trails provide the experience of nature near the heart of the downtown core of the City of Vancouver. Many of the paths were once the skid rows during the area's logging days, where logs were pulled to the water's edge for log booming along the waterways to sawmills.

The trails not only recall a city once moved by horse power, but many were named after individuals who were instrumental in the city's or Stanley Park's early history. 1

Avison Trail Henry Avison - Stanley Park Superintendent 1888-1895
Eldon Trail G. Eldon - Park Board Superintendent 1896-1909
Lees Trail A.E. Lees - Park Commissioner 1902-1917
Merilees Trail Harold Merilees - General Manager of Tourism Vancouver in the 1960s
Rawlings Trail W.S. Rawlings - longest trail for the Park Board's longest serving Superintendent
Tatlow Trail R.G. Tatlow - Park Commissioner 1888-1905
Thompson Trail C.W. Thompson - Park Commissioner 1937-1938; 1940-1942
Tisdall Trail C.E. Tisdall - Park Commissioner 1904-1909; 1926-1934

Learn more about the history of the Stanley Park Seawall from Terri Clark of Vancouver Park Board in this video.

All suggested routes are estimates only. Walking, jogging and cycling speeds vary by person, so please use this as information only. Walking and jogging routes are on all types of pathways within the park. Cycling routes are only on paved and gravelled paths.