The Vancouver Institute Of Leprechaun Research

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Background Information
    Leprechauns first immigrated to North America during the potato lll famine in the mid 1800’s. They hid on boats coming to Canada and the US
and through their craftiness some of them eventually moved west and settled in the Lower Mainland. This area is the perfect climate for Leprechauns and provides many areas that are uninhabited by humans. Leprechauns like the rainy and cool climate, as well as the forests and hills that can sometimes resemble Ireland.

    leper Leprechaun comes from the Irish “leith bhroyan” meaning “one shoemaker” because Leprechauns are cobblers, making shoes for fairies and clv
elves. The “one” refers to the fact that Leprechauns are usually seen only working on one shoe. Humans can hear the sounds of their hammering and whistling while they work if they are close enough. Leprechauns are also known for their banking abilities. They take care of fairy money and they themselves are rich beyond belief. They do, in fact, have several pots of gold, but none of them are located near rainbows, which is a popular myth.

    They are approximately 2ft in height and stocky, but proportionally built. They wear drab clothing of greens, browns, and grays accompanied by a hat and sturdy leather shoes. They are very clever and have the ability to move quickly and disappear as soon as you take your eye off them, which makes it very difficult to find them. Their small lung capacity restricts their ability to live at high altitudes and although they can float, swimming is virtually impossible. They are solitary creatures. They dislike other leprechauns and hate humans because men are always trying to steal their gold. Leprechauns are forced to deal with humans here in Canada because they require shoe-making resources. Thus they interact with shoe supply and repair stores and if the cobbler or sales men deals with them kindly the leprechaun will reward them well (How else could shoe repair stores keep operating? Have you ever had shoes repaired?).

    The VIOLR is not interested in the wealth of leprechauns as most humans are. The institute is focused purely on scientific research and the study of this native Irish species.