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Marmot Mom
This is a photo of a Vancouver Island marmot mom.
This map shows where marmots like me live now and used to live before. The purple dots are where we live now, and the red squares are where we used to live. You can see we used to live in way more places!

Most Vancouver Island Marmots live near Nanaimo Lakes, with a few near Mt. Washington (a ski hill).


I like to live in areas with no trees that are up on hills. We also like to dig burrows, so our homes need deep dirt.

Marmots like to be around there family, so we live in colonies. We hibernate (sleeping like bears and squirrels) all winter. We are herbivores. This means we only eat plants. It is like we are all vegetarians!

This photo is a Vancouver Island marmot habitat (I can see my house from here!).

Logger and Lilac

Marmots are the largest member of the squirrel family. We're about as big as a big cat or small dog, and are brown with white patches.

The marmot below is my friend Friar! Here are some sounds we make!
This is Iris, with a local logger who helped with marmot conservation.
Kee-aw Flat
Descending Ascending



Our predators are wolves, cougars, and golden eagles.

Pie Chart This pie chart shows the main causes of Vancouver Island Marmot dealth.
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