Building Connections: Well-being in Teaching and Learning

There is a great link between well-being and academic success. On March 7, 2017, SFU students, faculty and staff spent a day together at Halpern Centre (Burnaby Campus) to share their ideas on well-being as part of teaching practice, at Building Connections: Well-being in Teaching and Learning.

Building Connections was co-hosted by SFU’s Teaching and Learning Centre, Health and Counselling Services’ Health Promotion team and the SFU Faculty Association.

It featured Lightning Talks by Zuzana Vasko (Education), Samantha Aro (Student Engagement and Retention), Russell Day (Psychology), Carl Mandy (Teaching Support Staff Union), Petra Menz (Mathematics), Diana Bedoya (Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology).

Zuzana Vasko, Education
Carl Mandy, Teaching Support
Staff Union (TSSU)
Samantha Aro, Student
Engagement & Retention
Petra Menz, Mathematics
Russell Day, Psychology
Diana Bedoya, Biomedical Physiology
& Kinesiology

The talks were followed by a Panel Discussion hosted by the SFU Faculty Association, exploring of how faculty members can influence the conditions to support their own growth and well-being and that of their students. It was moderated by Russell Day (Psychology), with panelists Lara Aknin(Psychology), Rachel Fouladi (Psychology), Dan Laitsch (Education).

The Panel Discussion transitioned to a Roundtable conversations moderated by the faculty panellists listed above, as well as Brian Green, Executive Director, SFUFA, and Jennifer Scott, Member Services Officer, SFUFA.

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SFU’s Well-being in Learning Environments Network includes faculty, instructors and teaching assistants who are creating conditions for well-being in learning environments. Members are encouraged to try and share ideas from the Wellbeing in Learning Environments website. Project updates and events are also shared with network members.