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About Humanities

The study of the humanities covers a broad range of ideas and subjects drawn from philosophy, art, literature, history, religion, science, and social and political thought.

Through an interdisciplinary approach to classical, medieval, renaissance, and modern culture, the study of the humanities raises critical questions about the achievements and controversies associated with the human condition. Students are encouraged to examine the knowledge and ideas central to the humanities and to integrate these concerns in original and critical ways.

Courses are available at the Burnaby Mountain, Surrey and Vancouver - Harbour Centre campuses, and are offered both in the day and evening.


Undergraduate Programs:
The Humanities Department at Simon Fraser University offers several undergraduate programs: a major, five joint major programs (with English, French, History, Philosophy, and Women's Studies), a minor and extended minor program and a Post Baccalaureate Diploma.
Admission to Humanities Programs

Field School in Prague, Czech Republic:
SFU offers a summer school at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. Three humanities courses worth 11 credits are offered.
See SFU International for current information on the Czech Field School and other field schools at SFU.

Career Information:

Graduates in Humanities are employed in teaching, in business, in areas requiring research, thinking and communication skills, in journalism and the arts, and are eligible for post-graduate programs requiring a liberal arts background.


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