FroshOne 2010


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What's FroshOne?

FroshOne is a two-day event for first-year students (thatís you!) in the TechOne program. Created by the the Interactive Arts and Technology Student Union, or IATSU for short, we welcome you to be to a part of this unforgettable experience known as FroshOne.

Here you can expect to meet some people that will be sharing the same pains, err we mean joys, you will feel at this new chapter of your life here at SFU Surrey. Together with your new friends, youíll be competing in an Amazing Race and take part in some fun-filled challenges. (HereĎs a hint, go watch some Minute to Win it!) Along the way there will be opportunities to win prizes and collect some swag; not to be confused with swagga, although weíre sure you all have some of that!

The games will probably make you hungry, but donít fret, here at IATSU,we fight hunger with food, as we will have plenty of food provided for both days of frosh! Letís see here: thereís going to be games, prizes, food, and friends! What more can there be, you ask? Next you will be receiving a t-shirt. Itís not just any shirt that comes along with an event. Fine, it is. But it will also be a physical representation of you belonging to the TechOne program. But, why is this necessary?

This year the froshies of TechOne will be taking participating in the newly created FroshOff event! Here you will be meeting even more first year students except they will be from the other faculties of SFU such as Business, Communications, and Computer Science. It is a friendly showdown between the Froshes through a series of games. (Think of it as being similar to Survivor, SFU STYLE!)

FroshOne is going to knock you off your socks (which is actually very possible as proven by the guys at Mythbusters)! If youíre not convinced or would like more information, please do not hesitate to drop an email to Jan, our FroshOne Chair at Hope to see you there! Ps. bring your swagga! (For those who donít understand, just bring yourself!)

- Trini Nguyen-Don
(Sponsorship Coordinator)
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