FroshOne 2010



Friday, Sept 10th:

  • 9:30: Registration and Sign In (Room 3875)
  • 10:00 10:30: Icebreakers (room 3875 undergraduate studio space A)
  • 10:30 12:00: Extreme Makeover (room 3875 undergraduate studio space A)
  • 12:00 1:00: Lunch (room 3200)
  • 1:00 2:30: Minute to Win It (room 3875 undergraduate studio space A)
  • 2:30 4:00: Japanese Game Show and Closing Remarks (room 5240)

  • Saturday, Sept 11th:

  • 10:30 11:00: Icebreakers and Sign In (meet at 5140)
  • 11:00 2:30: Amazing Race (meet at 5140)
  • 2:30 3:00: Lunch (meet at 5140)
  • 3:00 6:30: Survivor (Frosh Off) (meet at 5140 then off to Holland Park)
  • 6:30 8: *** OPTIONAL *** Dinner Social at a Restaurant

  • Ice Breakers
    Both days will begin with half an hour of icebreakers which will be multiple games that will pump up the energy and help everyone get to know each other.

    Extreme Makeover Home Edition
    Based on the show Extreme Makeover Home Edition, teams must use their creativity to build a house that can fit everyone on their team inside.

    Minute to Win It
    Based on the show Minute to Win it, this activity will consist of short but challenging tasks that must be done in 60 seconds.

    Japanese Game Show
    Based on those crazy Japanese game shows, teams will be put against each other to perform outrageous tasks that will in no doubt bring a laugh out in everyone.

    Amazing Race
    Based on the show Amazing Race, teams will be racing each other to see who is the quickest in reaching multiple pit stops. They will be required to do tasks before receiving their next clue. This event will test their ability to work as a team and to think and act fast. It will be set outside, around the area of SFU Surrey.

    Survivor (FroshOff)
    Based on the show Survivor, this last event of the day will be the most exciting event as it will be a combination of multiple Froshes including Business, Communications, and Criminology. FroshOne Froshies must now work together to prove that they are the best! This event will involve obstable courses and mind boggling activities.

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