IMGS 2015 - About IMGS

The International Medical Geography Symposium is the leading international meeting of health and medical geographers. Held bi-annually, health geographers and others interested in applying a spatial approach to their research gather to share study findings and form new ideas about the progress of this exciting sub-discipline.

The 16th IMGS will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia in July, 2015, hosted by Simon Fraser University. The organizing committee welcomes all those interested in health geography to attend this conference. Papers and posters presented at the conference will touch upon a variety of health issues, including: social perspectives on health; health policy; health care and services; aging; urban health; rural health; environment and health; GIS approaches; global health; health human resources; and health inequities and inequalities.

Organizing Committee

A number of volunteers are working hard to make the IMGS 2015 a wonderful and memorable event. If you want to reach the organizers please e-mail

Conference Chair, Dr. Valorie Crooks (faculty member)
Committee Member, Krystyna Adams (PhD student)
Committee Member, Dr. Melissa Giesbrecht (postdoctoral research associate)
Committee Member, Leon Hoffman (PhD student)
Committee Member, Rory Johnston (PhD student)
Committee Member, Prestige Tatenda Makanga (PhD Student)
Committee Member, Jeff Morgan (undergraduate student)
Committee Member, Neville Li (research coordinator)
Committee Member, Dr. Christine Voss (postdoctoral fellow)
Committee Member, Rebecca Whitmore (MA student)
Committee Member, Dr. Meghan Winters (faculty member)