The Business Opportunity Document

The Business Opportunity Document is an abbreviated version of a New Venture Business Plan. Its purpose is to make the business opportunity more understandable to the exploiters of the business and to potential financial investors.

The Business Opportunity: is a simple statement of how an investor will make money from a product, service or process generated from the technology.

The Technology: is a brief description of the technology and its uniqueness, so that potential investors can determine quickly if it fits with their own missions.

The Products/Services and Processes: is a brief description of each, along with possible migration strategies and known competitive products, etc.

The Markets: is a description of who will purchase the products, services and processes and in what quantities (approx.) over some period of time (usually 5 years).

The Project - Current Status: is a description of the current status, results to date, intellectual property items and protection.

The Investment Payback: is an indication of how capital intensive the exploitation process is likely to be, the timing and the magnitude of the payback.

Technology Transfer Possibilities: is an indication of how investors might work with the owners of the technology (licensing, consulting, creation of spinout company).

Modified from TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER - published by NSERC, June 1985, prepared by Mr. Denzyl Doyle, Doyletech Corp. See also MAKING TECHNOLOGY HAPPEN, a Handbook for Entrepreneurs, Scientists and Engineers and Investors, published by Doyletech Corporation, Kanata, Ontario, Canada.