Report updated today at 12:10 pm. This report will be updated as conditions change.

Burnaby Campus


Burnaby Roads: wet

  • Adjacent roads: Not applicable
  • Classes and exams: On schedule
  • Translink Buses: On schedule

Surrey Campus


Classes and exams: On schedule

Vancouver Campus


Classes and exams: On schedule


It is currently 4°C on campus with partly cloudy skies. Roadways, parking lots, and walkways are wet. Driving conditions and visibility are good.

Please watch for pedestrians, wildlife, road closures, and areas that are currently under construction while traveling around campus.



Snow Clearing
Facilities Services places a primary focus on clearing the arterial routes, with the parking lots as a secondary focus. This means parking lots are often cleared during the evenings or overnight.

Expect icy conditions: reduce speed, drive with care, and when walking to/from the parking lots use indoor routes and the main access paths when possible.

If you notice a particular parking area in need of snow clearing please notify us at

Where to park
During regular business hours please park in the areas authorized by your parking permit.

During evenings (after 4:30PM) and weekends, roaming priviledges are in effect. This means that anyone with an SFU parking permit can park in any of the parkades. We recommend you do so if possible as this allows for you to leave your vehicle via covered pathways and makes it easier for Facilities Services to clear the surface lots.

In all cases please do not park in reserved, disabled, etc. parking stalls.

Keep informed
To keep informed on winter weather conditions please visit the SFU Road Report at or visit the SFU homepage at or follow SFU on Twitter @SFU

You can also listen to local radio for traffic updates and review ICBC's winter driving conditions information pamphlet at:
Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at

Burnaby Webcams

University Drive North

University Drive North

Gaglardi Intersection

Gaglardi intersection

AQ North

Convocation Mall

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