Who we are

The Institute for the Study of Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines (ISTLD) is a unit within the portfolio of Simon Fraser University’s Associate Vice-President, Learning & Teaching. We generate and support teaching and learning research and scholarship.


We partner with instructors to enhance learning through the development of theory and knowledge of teaching and learning. We promote instructors’ expertise and expand our collective commitment to teaching and learning through reflective inquiry. We are evidence-based and embrace the multiple ways of knowing to support transformative and situated-practice.

We are partners with instructors to make sense of their teaching practice using theory, reflection, and action. We build capacity through consultation, workshops, seminars, grants, and communities of practice to help instructors actualize their ideas and values of teaching. We are self-reflective about our work and we share our stories to celebrate SFU’s teaching communities and promote recognition and respect for teaching scholarship.

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We make an impact: ISTLD builds capacity through conscious and explicit inquiry and scholarship. Our work is theoretically grounded, reflective, and situated in the multiple contexts that create learners and teachers.

We work in collaboration: ISTLD is committed to relationship-oriented work with individuals, institutional partners, and the wider community to embrace diversity and collectively conduct our research.

We use evidence-based approaches: ISTLD adopts research approaches that are systematic and grounded while embracing new ways of knowing and innovate designs and metrics.

We are holistic: ISTLD values the whole person, and we seek to grow a community of scholarship that embeds well-being social connectedness. We believe in adopting de-colonial approaches to teaching and learning that are inclusive and respect diverse traditions and histories.