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Teaching & Learning Development Grant Program (TLDG)

In response to partner feedback and through our program evaluation and assessment, we are making changes to our model of teaching and learning inquiry at SFU. We are excited to create more opportunities and entry ways for faculty, instructors, staff, and students to engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL).

What can you expect to see?

  • More individualized and responsive support for faculty along a continuum of teaching and learning inquiry and research needs, including access to SoTL-trained research assistants without having to be approved for a project. 
  • The TLDG program evolving into a more robust model of project support and development (SoTL 101 and SoTL 102), no matter the question or form of inquiry. All active TLDG projects will receive continued support.
  • Research funding opportunities based on project needs
  • Increased capacity of support. Inquiry-research support that represents the diversity of skills, disciplines, capacities, and interests of our learning community while building on the principles of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL):
    • Clear and explicit focus on learning;
    • Grounded in context;
    • Sound methodology support;
    • Including students as partners in our research; and
    • Sharing our findings and inquiry
    • More connection with SoTL researchers inside and outside of SFU

Together we are transforming inquiry into teaching and learning at SFU – building on the habits of mind, practices, technologies, and connections that uncover key moments in our individual and shared journeys as scholars of teaching and learning!

SoTL 101: Introduction to SoTL and Teaching & Learning Inquiry

What do we mean by “Inquiry-based research”? What is the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)? How is SoTL different from other research or from scholarly teaching? How is SoTL evolving?

If you want to better understand how students learn or to improve your own teaching through an inquiry-research model, we invite you to attend our introductory seminar for new instructors and previous grant holders alike. 

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SoTL 102: Formulating an Inquiry Project

Once you have an understanding about what is SoTL, it’s time to put your own project together. SoTL uses systematic and deliberate inquiry into teaching practices and ways to support student learning. As a field, we strive to engage in a range of methodologies, disciplinary perspectives, and epistemologies to inform our scholarly activity using Felten’s (2013) principles of SoTL:

  1. Inquire about student learning;
  2. Ground teaching and learning in context;
  3. Use methodologically sound approaches;
  4. Treat students as partners in their learning; and
  5. Share our findings

Find out more about how to start an inquiry project with us here >>

Tools for Inquiry: Engaging in SETC

How can you use the Student Experience of Teaching and Courses (SETC) survey as a form of inquiry? Did you know that you can write your own SETC questions? How can SETC results be used through a lens of inquiry-based research? Join us on October 5, 2022 from 10:30 – 12:00 to have a discussion with Lana Newton from Learning Experiences Assessment and Planning (LEAP) and Dr. Nathan Roberson from ISTLD to talk about strategies to use SETC to better understand your course. Please register by September 30, 2022.

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Event Calendar

September 14 - SoTL 101
10:30 - 12
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October 5 - Tools for Inquiry: Engaging in SETC
10:30 - 12
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October 27 - SoTL 101
9:30 - 11 More info + register >>
**Please note that in our email advertising the event we incorrectly had the date as September, not October. Sorry for any confusion.

November 8 - SoTL 102
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November 16 - SoTL 102
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November 17 - SoTL 102
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