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IT Service Desk

The IT Service Desk is available to assist students, faculty and staff with IT issues.  Our goal is to be a solution provider and assist you with finding the information you need to resolve your computing problems and answer your questions.

To access our services, drop by, phone or send an e-mail to any of our service points located at each campus.

Quick Help


How do I activate my account?

Faculty and Staff can activate their SFU Computing ID here.

Students can activate their SFU Computing ID here.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password click here.

How do I get a guest or sponsored account?

Wifi guest accounts can be obtained at any IT Service Desk located in:

Burnaby - Shrum Science Building room P9300

Surrey - room SC 3505

Vancouver - room HCC1300

Sponsored accounts are obtained by submitting a request form which can be downloaded here.


Where can I print?

Burnaby student lab printers can be found here.

Surrey student lab printers can be found here.

Vancouver student lab printers can be found here.

Where can I get help with printing?

Help is available at the following locations for each campus.

Burnaby Campus

  • IT Service Desk in P9300 (Southeast corner of AQ)
  • IT Tech Desk in Bennett Library, 3rd Floor
  • IT Help Desk in WMC 2622

Surrey Campus

  • SC room 3505, Podium Level 3.

Vancouver Campus

  • IT Tech Desk in HCC1300

How do I pay for printing?

Printing in IT Services computer labs on all campuses requires a Laser Print Card which can be purchased at specific locations on each campus.

  • Laser Print cards cost $1.00 and have no value on them.
  • Funds are added at the card dispensers in specific labs, check campus service desk for locations and assistance.
  • Monochrome printing is $0.11 per side
  • Colour printing is $0.25 per side

Wired and Wireless

How do I get connected to SFU wifi?

Set up SFUNET-SECURE here.

How can I print wirelessly?

Set up wireless printing here.

What devices are supported on campus?

Support for wireless devices can be found here.

Computer Labs

Where are the computer labs?

IT Services student computer labs can be found in these locations:

Burnaby campus click here.

Surrey campus click here.

Vancouver campus click here.

What software is available in the computer labs?

Burnaby campus lab software can be found here.

Surrey campus lab software can be found here.

Vancouver campus lab software can be found here.


What is Canvas?

Canvas is the Learning Managment System used at SFU.

How do I sign on to Canvas?

Log into Canvas using your SFU Computing Id. Your course will appear if it is published.


What is Connect?

SFU Connect Email and Calendaring information available here.

How do I setup Connect on my device?

Email setup for devices can be found here.

Collaboration tools

How to set up web publishing?

Set up web publishing information available here.


How do I access Student Information Systems (SIMS)?

Access SIMS also known as goSFU information is available here.

Contact Us


Burnaby 778-782-4828
Surrey 778-782-7490
Vancouver 778-782-5030

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