School Highlights

February 7  Mark Boyland from Natural Resources Canada joins us for a talk on softwood lumber duties, as part of our Policy Spotlight Seminar Series. 

February to April  Our summer Co-op program has launched and employers can contact Eva Lewis at with job postings or questions about recruiting a Masters of Public Policy student for a 13-16 week summer position.  View InfoSheet

February 1  2nd year student Hope Caldi is one of five finalists in this year's Blueprint 2020 National Student Paper Competition sponsored by the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) and the Institute of Public Administration Canada (IPAC).  In mid-February, Hope will present to a panel of Deputy Ministers based on her paper, Offering a Warmer, Wiser Welcome: Recommendations for Reforming Canada's Immigration Loan Program, which was selected on the basis of its originality, research, clarity, significance, and relevance to the Government of Canada and the public service.

January 20 The School held its 6th annual Internal Case Competition involving seven teams and a judging panel of faculty and alumni. Congratulations to the top-ranked team Connor Hasegawa, Chris Kylleso, Lucas Neufeld, Twyla Smith (Jessica Knowler - alternate) who will represent SFU at the national case competition hosted by Ryerson on Feb 17 and 18.

September 13
 In partnership with GreenPAC, the School hosted a panel talk, Environmental Leadership: the importance of non-partisanship in the age of polarized politics, with MP Joyce Murray, Vancouver City Councillor Andrea Reimer and SFU Public Policy professor Nancy Olewiler.

June 28 Halena Sieferling, MPP 2016 received 2nd place honours at the national CAPPA/IPAC conference for presentation of her Capstone work titled Running in Place: Overcoming Barriers for Women in Canadian Municipal Politics

June 9 It's Convocation Day for the Class of 2016!  See feature articles on Awards and Capstone Research Projects in publicpolicy@SFU magazine


Connor Hasegawa, Chris Kylleso, Lucas Neufeld, Twyla Smith
Connor Hasegawa, Chris Kylleso, Lucas Neufeld, Twyla Smith

Recent Research

Opportunities in Transition - an Economic Analysis of Investing in Youth Aging out of Care by Marvin Shaffer and Lynell Anderson in conjunction with Fostering Change and Vancouver Foundation.

Access the following titles via our Working Paper Series

Toward a Broader Base for Personal Taxation: Reconciling Equity and Efficiency prepared for Canadian Income Tax Centennial Celebration, Canadian Tax Foundation by J.R. Kesselman

Improving education for indigenous children in Canada was the focus of a C.D. Howe Institute conference in April co-organized by John Richards.

Conference Report was prepared as well as two policy reports, If we had 300 Million Dollars: Funding for Reserve Schools and First Nations Elementary-Secondary Education: a National Dilemma 

Economic Growth and People’s Determination about Immigration: The Case of Switzerland by D.M. Gross.

Vancouver’s Housing Affordability Crisis: Causes, Consequences and Solutions by J.C. Gordon  Executive Summary and Full Report

What’s the matter with Sweden? Explaining radical cuts to unemployment insurance in a bastion of social democracy by J.C. Gordon. 

How Can Fast Access to Temporary Foreign Workers Ensure Priority to Domestic Workers? A Canadian policy experiment by D.M. Gross. 


In the News

September 28, 2016 Year 1 MPP student and research coordinator at Crosstown Clinic featured in CBC news article, BC's clinic's free heroin enables addicts to have 'meaningful life again', coordinator says. 

September 1, 2016 Asst. Professor Josh Gordon's op-ed Toronto, don't let Vancouver's housing crisis become yours in the Globe & Mail 

March 29, 2016 Asst. Professor Josh Gordon and 2nd Year MPP student Anjum Mutakabbir on Data on Canada’s housing market are fine, but we need action now in the Globe & Mail. 

January 25, 2016 Asst. Professor Josh Gordon's op-ed The illusion of home equity gains has weakened our will to act, appears in Globe & Mail.