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Special Issue on North Wakashan: Call for Papers

Recent Articles

Volume 7, Issue 4 (2013) Pp. 1–23.

Creating grass roots digital Coeur d’Alene resources: the COLRC
by Shannon Bischoff, Ivy Doak, Amy Fountain, John Ivens and Audra Vincent

Volume 7, Issue 3 (2013) Pp. 1–18.

The Multi-functionality of the Indefinite/Interrogative stab in Lushootseed
by Evangelia Daskalaki & David Beck

Volume 7, Issue 2 (2013) Pp. 1–54.

Subordinate Clauses in Sk̲wx̲wu7mesh: Their Form and Function
by Peter Jacobs

Volume 7, Issue 1 (2013) Pp. 1–13.

The Emergence of Determiner Clisis in Upriver Halkomelem
by Jason Brown and James J. Thompson

Volume 6, Issue 4 (2012) Pp. 1–11.

Ghosts, Mirrors, and Adversative Passives in Hul'q'umi'num'
by Donna B. Gerdts

Volume 6, Issue 3 (2012) Pp. 1–17.

Frederick Roehrig: A forgotten name in Salish linguistics
by Elena Barreiro

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