Continuing Review

What is an amendment? How do I make changes to a study that is already approved?

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When and how do I close my study?

Refer to Study Closure

My ethics approval expired. Can I still continue my research?

Research that continues after the approval period expires is considered research conducted without REB approval. Research activities must stop, unless the REB determines that continued involvement is in the best interest of enrolled participants who are still receiving study-related interventions. Renewal of approval applications must be submitted in sufficient time to ensure the non-interruption of studies.

What is an Annual Renewal Report?

Refer to Annual Renewal

When do I submit an Annual Renewal Report?

An annual renewal form / progress report form must be submitted every year. An email will be sent to your SFU email with a link to access this report and the application's expiry date. Please submit at least three weeks before the expiry.