San Francisco Photos 6


tr15 Articulated ETI trolley on Mariposa at the lower deck of Portrero Garage. The paint scheme is the new one as compared to the older one on the rigid ETI below.

tr14.1 Rear-left view of Rigid ETI trolley. The exactly location of the photo is unknwon, but the Bay Bridge is in the background.

tr14.2 Left side view of rigid ETI trolley.

tr14.3 Rear end of ETI trolley showing the lack of exterior retrievers.

tr14.4 Right rear view of rigid ETI trolley.

tr14.5 Right side view of rigid ETI trolley.

Above photos submitted by Mattis Schindler.

tr14.5 Drawing of a S^koda ETI trolley. Artist unknown. Submitted by Matt Lee. (2001/2)

7000 New Flyer 7000 somewhere in SF. Photo by Matt Lee. (2001/2).

55 New Flyer 7024 and NF 5070 on Market East of Main St. Photo by Tim Gormley. 23 JA 2002.

7000 Flyer 5064 in Rte 55 before Rte 55 became Rte 1. Location is on Sacramento St. between Polk and Van Ness. This is one of the few known pictures of a trolley on Rte 55. Circa 1980. Photo by Walter (Cal Cable).

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