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 33rd & California —

 Howard & Main.

 21 JA 1981


 New route 1 replaced the former 1 California route which operated from Sutter and Marker via Sutter St. and the 55 Sacramento, which was electrified for this project. In JA 1992, the downtown terminal moved from Drumm St. and Clay St. to Howard St. and Main. St. daily except weekends and evenings. During peak hours some trolleys short turn at Fillmore St., some at Presidio St. and some at the 6th Ave. Loop. Line shortened back to Drumm St. and St. 5 DEC 2009.
 Presidio & California — Market and Sutter.
 21 JA 1951
 Evenings and Sundays route 3 through-routed with route 1 until 20 JA 1981.
 6th & California — Market and Sutter.
 21 JA 1951
 Reduced to peak hour service replacing daily service Monday - Friday, 26 SE 2005. Discontinued 5 DEC 2009.
 48th & Balboa — Transbay Terminal
 3 JL 1949
 Renamed on 24 AU 1983 from 5 McCallister.
 11th & Quintara —

 Transbay Terminal

 3 JL 1949
 Renamed on 24 AU 1983 from 6 Masonic. It's downtown terminus was the Ferry terminal. It was moved to the TransBay terminal in 1982/3 after the Muni Metro opened. It was temporarily extended to the Ferry Terminal replacing the 8 Market that was replaced by the F-Market streetcar line, which had to terminate at the TransBay terminal from SE 1995 until MR 2000, when the F-Market was extended to the Embarcadero. Downtown terminal moved back to Ferries Loop, replacing service on the discontinued route 7.
 Haight & Stanyan —
 3 JL 1949
 Reduced to peak hour service replacing daily service Monday - Friday, 26 SE 2005. On that date the 7 terminated at the TransBay terminal, and the 31 was extended to the Ferry terminal..Discontinued 5 DEC 2009.
 19th & — Ferries
 3 JL 1949
 Discontinued, replaced by vintage cars on the F Market line. Is used today for emergency runs when LRT under Market is down. Some artics use 'F Market'.
 Mission &
 6 JA 1952
 Short turns daily to Lowell loop.
 Beale — North Point
 2 JL 2007
 Daily to 4 p.m., not weekends, and it runs southbound only 7 to 9 a.m. New route because former route 15 was discontinued when the T line opened. Discontinued 5 DEC 2009.
 6th & Fulton — Ferries
 3 JA 1949
 Formerly to 6th & California. See Former Routes. The chopped off section of the line was replaced the 44-O'Shaughnessy, a cross town diseasel line.
 Fillmore & Marina —

 3rd and 18th St.

 16 JA 1949
 Operates 24 hours a day.
 Fillmore & Jackson - 3rd & Palou Sts.
 24 AU 1983
 Owl service started in JN 1992. It operates as far as the Sutter and Divisadero loop on its north end and at Bayshore and Cortland on its south end.
 4th & Townsend
 21 JA 1951
 Uses 40 foot trolleys past Van Ness. Short turns to Northpoint use artics.
 48th & Balboa — Ferries
 1 JA 1993

 Converted from a diesel line, which replaced the last former Market Street Railway line - the 31. The opening date is the formal opening of the line. Starting on 1 FE 1993, Flyer 7000 ran on this route occasionally, providing wheelchair access like the diesels that covered all the scheduled runs. The first scheduled trolleybus runs on the 31 started running on 9 JN 1993 (with Flyer E800s), but they were limited to three runs in the morning peak hours only (all other runs remained diesel), because of complaints from advocates for the local disabled community, and were discontinued on 30 NO 1994.** Formal conversion to trolleybus started when a few New Flyers artics became available [as they had wheelchair lifts].

** = (and the route was still formally considered a "motor coach" route until 1 January 1994)

 26th and Potrero —

 California & Cabrillo

 6 OC 1935
 Northeastern end truncated to 16th St. and extended via 16th to Potrero St. to Army St. It was truncated one block back to 25th St. due to difficulties turning right from Potrero St. onto Army St. (now Cezar Chavez Way). The western end was extended along Fulton St. and Arguello St. to California St. 6 FE 1988.
 Folsom & Main —Union &
 19 JN 1947
 Through-routed with route R 20 JL 1947. Renumbered to 41 Union 1 FE 1949. Cut back to peak service from daily service 1 OC 1988.
 Union & —

 4th & Townsend

 circa the 70s
 Rerouted from Van Ness and Sutter to Stockton and 4th St., return 3rd St., Sutter and Stockton, 1 OC 1988.
 Van Ness/Mission
 Northpoint & Van Ness  — Phelan Loop
 24 AU 1983
 Replaced part of route 12 and rerouted along Van Ness north of Market St.

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