San Francisco Former, Curtailed, or Revised Trolleybus Routes

6 OC 1935 to 1944 (Market St. Railway)

7 SE 1941 to Present (Muni)


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 Route  Route Name  Began  Changed/


  R  Howard  7 SEP 1941  28 MR 1971  Combined with E, 20 JL 1947, renumbered 41 on 1 FE 1949. Temporarily dieselized in 1971, it was renumbered 12 and extended into Financial Distr.
  E  Union  9 JUN 1947  1 FE 1949  Combined with R, renumbered #41 on 1 FE 1949. Cut back to Howard and Main. Reduced to rush hours in 1994.
  4  Sutter  1951?  5 DE 2009  Routes 1, 2 and 3 cover the 4 now.
  7  Haight  3 JL 1949  5 DE 2009  Cut back to rush hour service in the 2000s. Discontinued in 2009. Service taken over by the 6 (trolley) and 71 (diesel).
  9  Richland  18 MAR 1950  23 AU 1983  Largely replaced by #14 Mission to Lowell, later to Persia.
  9  San Bruno  mid 1992  23 SE 2005  Originally five runs operated on #9 San Bruno. It operated as a morning tripper. Within a year roughly, the number of runs was reduced to 3 or 4, and to one or two later. Discontinued due to budget cuts.
 12  Mission-Ocean  18 MAY 1952  AU 1983  Discontinued northeast of S. Van Ness, remainder replaced with 49 VanNess/Mission in 24 AU 1983.
 20  Columbus  2 JUL 2007  5 DE 2009  Service was supposed to make up for discontinued 15 (diesel) when the T line went into operation. Bad routing made it unsuccesful. The replacement diesel rerouted provide service to more riders.
 21  Hayes  3 JL 1949  1 OC 1988, 5 DEC 2009  Western segment cut back to 6th Ave. and Fulton St. Cut back in 2009 to Stanyan St. loop.
 33  Ashbury  6 OC 1935  6 FE 1988  Born as MSR's only electric trolleybus route. A Muni route since 1944. Northern segment north of 16th St discontinued., and extended to Portero and Army, AU 1983. Western segment extended over Fulton St. and Arguello St. to California in 1988. Original route ran to Harrison and 33rd; later it ran inbound on Howard to 4th St., and then by Mission St. to 4th when Howard became one way.
 41 Howard,

Union- Howard

 19 JN 1947  1970?  Created when routes E and R were combined as route E on 20 JL 1947. Renumbered as 41 on 1 FE 1949. The southern half, the former route R, was discontinued when Howard became a one way street. This was supposed to be temporary, but it has become permanent. On 1 OC 1988 route 41 became a rush hour only. Route 45 took over most of the run except the part in the financial discrict which is still route 41 during rush hours.
 45  Greenwich  1981  1994  Van Ness and Sutter segment was discontinued on 1 OC 1988. It was rerouted from Union St. along Stockton and 4th St. to Townsend, return 3rd St.
 47  Van Ness  1951


 9 JN 2001                           

Southern segment from 11th St. to Portrero was discontinued on 1 OC 1988. The 47 is now covered by the 49 which continues all former 47 trips to Phelan Loop. A new diseasel line, 47, started on this date, replacing the western part of route 42.

 55  Sacramento  1981/2  1982  Trolley coaches took over motor coaches without a shakeup as the motor coaches were severely needed elsewhere. The revised 1 California replaced the 55 on the next shake up retiring route 55.
 82   ???      It became a rush hour shuttle on /4th Sts and Mission/Howard for a period in the early 80s when there was a severe shortage of diesel buses. It was discontinued when enough diesel buses were available for this service.

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