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27 SE 1982 — Operating

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TonT Computer manipulation producing an image of the "tram-on-tires" (TVR) planned for Nancy, France. This vehicle is really a trolleybus with a guided section using a new technology. Perhaps, more people will ride it if they can be duped into thinking it is a "tram."

TonT2 Artist's rendition of Nancy's projected new version of a "trackless trolley" (TVR, see above). Submitted by Allen Morrison.

TonT3 Two of Nancy's new "tram-on-tires" trolleybuses (TVR). Photo courtesy of the Electric Tbus Group. Thanks to Ashley Bruce.

TonT4 One of Nancy's new "tram-on-tires" trolleybuses. Photographer unknown.

TonT4 One of the TVRs derailed. The TVRs have had some problems with derailments. Photo submitted by. 2002.

N-6 TVR 6 on route T1 on the guided track. Photo by Cristoph Groneck. Date Unknown. Copyrighted.

N-02 Unidentified TVR that does not appear to be on the track, but is. is an optical illusion, created by (1) the use of a telephoto lens combined with (2) a change of slope of the roadway at that point (so, the road surface drops down and we can't see it) and (3) the fact the lanes & guideway make a lateral "zig-zag" at this point (immediately in front of the vehicle facing us). The second trolley is also unidentified. Both are on the guide rail. Photo by Cristoph Groneck. Date Unknown. Copyrighted.

N-03 Unidentified TVR southbound on Avenue Jean Jaurès, a somewhat narrow street, but not narrow enough to require the guide track. It is at the Saint-André (Jardin Botanique) stop. Photo by Cristoph Groneck. Date Unknown. Copyrighted.

N-20-15 Upper photo: TVR 20 on a curve. The TVRs frequently derailed here; they are now limited to a very slow speed here (roughly 3mph/5kph). Photo by Itsu Mori. OCT 2009. Lower photo: TVR 15 going up a long hill to the Hôpital de Brabois in the unguided mode. Photo by Jürgen Lehmann. OCT 2009.

N-TVRx Unidentified guided double artic trolleybus on the Brabois Velodrome. These are to replaced unguided double aritc trolleys. The guided system never worked properly and is being abadonned. Photo by Jürgen Lehmann. 29 NOV 2-007. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

Nancy_stadtbahn (Nancy TVR 20? and other French vehicles). Photographer and date unknown. Courtesy TrolleyMotion.

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