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Thanks to R. Hill, photographer of the Chicago photo, and to Ken Josephson, computer manipulation of both pictures. The drawing on the left is from a Westinghouse Corp. ad circa 1950.

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V-60-dec x18

V-2501 V-2001 2101winnipeg  

V-BCE-2101 2101 main/pender

The first NewFlyer articulated trolleybus is in the first picture. Photo by Derek Cheung. One of the first photos of NewFlyer 2101 at the Winnipeg factory. It is towing a power trailer for testing purposes, which is barely visible behind the coach. Photo by Derek Cheung. June 2005. In the second photo, the original 2101 is on route 25 Victoria. Photo by and retouched up by Bill Volkmer. Date unknown. It is operating on route 20. Photographer unknown. In the fourth photo 2101 is turning onto Pender St. from Main St. on route 3 Main. Photo by Ken Wuschke. 27 SE 05.

When trolleybuses and streetcars (trams) meet. Seattle Waterfront Streetcars 417 and 272 passing each other and Mehva's Twin Coach and Pullman-Standard.

721-1 G-721 721-2

A test model of a double articulated trolleybus, number 721 (ex-709) in Geneva. It is built out of articulated trolleybus NAW/Hess/Siemens in the fleet plus a new centre section built by Hess. Axles A and D are steered, axles B and C are motored. The second driving motor is built on the new B-axle 10 of these have been ordered from Hess/Kiepe-Vossich as brand new trolleys.

Valparasio 814

Valparaiso 814, one of the very few Pullman-Standards remaining anywhere in its original form (photo by Jeff Wien)

Cristalis Milw-last C-QM electroline HK Wellington Beijing artic Nancy tvr Ch-Queen Mary StG2d Brill-acf MH-sleet

The Cristalis Trolleybus at the Irisbus test track in Lyon. Picture taken on a tour of London local authority leaders and officials, who were suitably impressed. Photo by Ashley Bruce. The photo on the second from the right by Paul Weyrich, submitted by Ken Josephson. It commemorates 35 years at the time of his submission since the sad closure of the system on 20 JN 65. On the same date route 47 in Chicago closed. This saw the beginning of the demise of the Chicago system with the first major closure. Centre left: the Queen Mary, the first articulated trolley built in the United States, built by Twin Coach. It could only bend vertically, not horizontally. It ran in Cleveland, Ohio. The photo on the right of the centre is the second-to-the-last last known double decker trolleybus known to be built. It was an experimental trolley by S. Yorkshire. It now resides in a museum. The honour of the most recent double-decker trolley now goes to the Hong Kong Trolley. See the Hong Kong photo page. The next photo is Wellington's new Designline 301 trolleybus built for Stagecoach. The antepenultimate photo is of a new Beijing 16m. articulated trolleybus. The antepenultimate photo is of Nancy TVR trolleybus, which uses twin wires for power and a single rail guidance system. The penultimate photo is of the Queen Mary, the only articulated trolleybus to operate in Chicago. Like the one in Cleveland, it could bend only horizontally, not around curves. It was manufactured by Twin Coach based on their post-war model. The penultimate photo is of an articulated Hess from St. Gallen with an extra articulated unit added it. It was presented in St. Gallen on 20 DE 05. The penultimate picture is a Brill advertisement promoting their new ACF-Brill trolleys. The last picture is a Marmon-Herrington ad for MHs in snow and sleet

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very first very firstpatent first2 first2Filovia
The very first trolleybus, Elektromode, began service on 29 AP 1882. The photo submitted by Emilio Gardé. The two illustrations of a patented early trolleybus submitted by Harvey Hylton. The fourth picture submitted by Ashley Bruce. The Fifth picture was copied from an old card sent in 1960 to the Signal Engineer of the New South Wales Railways from the German electrical company Siemens & Halske. The photo is of an early Filovia. Details are not known.

The caption reads --

"Elektromote" auf dem Kurfurstendamm 1882.

The greeting inside reads --

Freundliche grusse zum Weihnachtsfest verbunden mit den besten Wunschen fur ein gutes neues Jahr 1960 .

Siemens & Halske Aktiengesellschaft Berlin - München.

Thanks to Noel Reed for submitting the above picture.


Artist conception of a "rubber tired tram". Details unknown.



A drawing and a photo of VanHool's new47 AG330 model. It can be a BRT, a hybrid or trolleybus

Builder's Plate from a Philadelphia Marmon-Herrington and a Marmon-Herrington ad.

freak bros

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.


An Ohio Brass drawing of a wire guard they manufactured.

1948 Transit Promotional Video


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