City  Opened  Closed  Notes
 Jemelle - Rochefort, BE  1988  (operating)
 GLT demonstration line, sometimes carrying the public. The above towns are the ends of the wire and guideway. It ses a pantograph when electric, with one rail guideway; otherwise it runs in diesel mode. Comments by Leo Sullivan: "My trip seemed to indicate that this system combined the disadvantages of bus, monorail, trolleybus and tram. It was a very lurchy ride on the guideway, slow also though, faster after the electrical failure. Don't know if this is close enough to trolleybus but, couldn't resist mentioning it."

glt GLT Abomination.

glt2 Abominations.2

G-1 Gyrobus 1453 in Ghent. Date unknown. Photo by N. F. Reed.



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