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11 SE 1942 — Present

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G660 Sauer articulated trolleybus 660, could be model GT560, on route 10 to the airport. Photographer unknown. Submitted by Martin Grosberg. 10 SEP 2011.

G642 FBW articulated trolleybus 642 near the main railway station. Photo by Dale Tringham. 18 JUN 2003.

G1560 Unidentified articulated trolley in Geneva. Photographer and date unknown.

G-OHtruck An overhead line truck in use. Photographer and date unknown.

G721-1 A test model of a double articulated trolleybus, number 721 (formerly 709) in Geneva. It is built out of articulated trolleybus NAW/Hess/Siemens in the fleet plus a new centre section built by Hess. Axles A and D are steered, axles B and C are motored. The second driving motor is built on the new B-axle 10 of these have been ordered from Hess/Kiepe-Vossich as brand new trolleys. Photographer and date unknown.

G-721-2 Rear shot of 721 (formerly 709). Photographer and date unknown.

G-721-3 721 (formerly 709) on route 10 'Onex-Cite'. Photographer and date unknown.

G-82 782 on route 10. Photographer and date unknown.

G-658 Serer/Hess/Secheron 658 on route 2. Photo by Bill MacDonald. Date unknown.

G-745 Hess 745 on route 3 to Gardiol. Photo by Gerry Cork. 20 MR 2006.

G-781 Hess double articulated 781 en route 10 to Aeroport in central Geneva. Photo by Gerry Cork. Date Unknown.

G-OH-1 This and the following three photos show various arrangements and intersections where trolleybus overhead intersects with streetcar (tram) overhead. "They all show diagonal crossings, and reflect a time frame where because of track works installing more tram track in the city so the existing trolley and motor bus services are diverted, with extra and temporary  wiring as required." Both are K&M. Note that the result is a lot of clutter. It is this sort of clutter that drives many people against overhead in North America. Photo by Simon Smiler. JUL 2009.




G-692-713 692 on route 2 and 713 on route 19. These two lines are being converted to streetcars (trams) and due to open in DEC 2011. At least two diesel lines are to be converted to trolleys in the near future making use of the redundant trolleybuses. Photo by Jürgen Lehmann. 22 SEP 2008. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

G-768-738-787 Upper photo: SwissTrolleys 768 and 738 (rue de) Velodrome St. at a new bus stop when the wires were moved over Velodrome St. because of the new tracks on Rue du Stand for route 19 replacing the trolleybuses. It is expected that Geneva will convert at least on diesel line to make up for the extra trolleys. The corporation is to place a tender for 33 new trolleys and an option for a further 7. 30 are expected to be retired. Lower photo: double articulated (light tram) trolley 787 on route 10 on the Boulevard Carl-Vogt. Photos by Jürgen Lehmann. 28 AUG 2011. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

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