Guadalajara Photos


9 JAN 1977 — Operating


G-200 Masa 1200 on route 400. Photographer and date unknown.

G-1181 Masa 1181 on route 400 . Photographer and date unknown.

G-1103 Masa 1103 on route 400. Photo by Raúl Hurtado Pérez. Date unknown.

G-1161-1186 Upper photo: Masa 1161 on route 400. Lower photo: Masa 1186 on route 400. Photogapher Aleksazndr Zisser. 18 JAN 2010. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

G-1182 Masa 1182 refurbished and modernized on display. 30 of the remaining 35 Masas will be refurbished. These trolleys are still high-floor models, but a retractable ramp is used for physically challenged riders. Photo by E. Barrera. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion and E. Barrera.

The the fleet numbers of the two axle MASAs were 1101 - 1200.


G-map 1984 Map of the Guadalajara trolleybus bystem. Courtesy NATTA.


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