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2 MAY 1949 — Operating


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trailer Škoda 28 with generating trailer. Trolleys with generating trailers are used on an unwired extension of a trolley route into the suburbs. Service is every 30 minutes on a route extension which does not justify electrification. Normal trolleys are used on trips that terminate at the terminal loop of the overhead. Photo by Dennis Bonsall. MAY 1999.

trailer Another hot of a Škoda towing the generating trailer. Photo by Ronald Kiebler. 4 MAR 2004.

HK3 Articulated Škoda 15TrM 82 on route 2 Novy Hradec at the Railway Station. Photo by Michael Taylor. 20 APR 2006.

HK-2 Škoda 73 on route 2 in the central part of the city. The photo is rather fuzzy, but it shows some interesting overhead. Photo by Jürgen Lehmann. 22 APR 2004. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

HK-48 Škoda 48 on route 7 to Malšovice. Photo by Jürgen Lehmann. 25 MAR 2009. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

HK-sk31 Škoda-31Tr on a trial run in Pilsen. 31 trolleys of this model have been ordered. Photo by Jiri Rieger. 16 DEC 2010. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

HK-61-69 Upper photo: in the front row are new Škoda articulated trolleys 61 - 69 at the new bus terminal. Trolley 71 was out with invited guests celebrating the new trolleys. Lower photo: Škoda 15TR #77 and new artic #70. Photo by Jakub Jezbera. 4 APR 2011.Courtesy of TrolleyMotion and Hradec-Kralove trolleybuses.

HK-SOR Upper photo: one of six new SOR/Škoda 30TR trolleys being tested. Vehicle number is not known. Photo by Zdenek Kresa. 26 AUG 2011. Lower photo: the same trolley in another location. Photo by Jarda1950. 15 SEP 2011. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

HK-14 SOR/Škoda 30Tr #14 on route 7. Photo by Jakub Jezbera. 16 FEB 2012. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion. Jakub Jezbera


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