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5 NOV 1974 — operating

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H-193 ZiU 193 crossing the Staryj Most (Old Bridge) before service was cancelled . Service resumed across the bridge, now callled the Rumlevskiy Most (Rumlevsky bridge), on route 9 on 9 OCT 2008. Photo by Ivan Voyteshonok. 2007. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

H-152-147 Upper photo: 2011 BKM 321 #152 on route 8 sporting a fresh yellow and blue paint scheme. Lower photo: ALSM 201 #147 are usually because of advertizing. Hrodna has 12 trolley routes and 121 trolleys are needed for peak service. Photos by Pavel Komyshan. 2011. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

Hrodna route map.

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