Marseille Trolleybus Photos

26 AP 1942 — 2005


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1903 A trolleybus on the Lombard-Gerin System with a so called "trolley automoteur". Date and photographer unknown.

M60 A midcentury trolleybus in Marseille. Place, date, and photographer are unknown.

Lomb Another Marseille Trolleybus. Details are unknown. Photo by R. Martin.

Gémenos Two Vetra trolleybuses at the depot of the Aubagne-Gémenos line in the Marseille area. Photo taken in 1927, photographer unknown.

Gémenos Two unidentified Marseille trolleybuses dipicted on a 1947 folder. Photographer unknown. Submitted by Michael Simon.

M-319 TVM 319 in central Marseille. Photo by Geoffrey Tribe. 21 MR 1975.

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