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31 DEC 1952 — present

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V-PSmodel Valparaíso Model Pullman-Standard. The model was made by the St. Petersburg Tram Collection.

V-643 Valparaíso articulated trolley, ex-Genève 643, a 1975 FBW/Hess. This was the youngest trolley in the fleet until April 2004. Since the Chilean city's two routes are unnumbered, and the routing is shown by a card in the window when in service (this vehicle is not), the company does not bother to change the route number; the "6" means nothing in Valparaíso. The sign "Aéroport" is the original French sign, and it is still used in Valparaíso. In April 2004, 1991Shenfeng-built trolleybus 603, stored out of use ever since "suspension" (which became a closure) of the 1991-94 Santiago ETS system (jointly owned by ETCE), entered service in Valparaíso for the first time. A second Shenfeng, 607, entered service in December 2005. After those two 1991 units, ex-Genève 643 of 1975 is still the only other active trolleybus in Valparaíso to have been built later than 1966! Photographed by and courtesy of Allen Morrison. 27 AP 94. Comments from A. Morrison and Steve Morgan.

V-814b 1947 P-S 814, turning from Calle Edwards onto Avenida Brasil, is the oldest trolleybus operating in its original form in revenue service in the world (as of late 2006). All the 1947/8 Pullman-Standards were acquired secondhand from Santiago. Photo by Steve Morgan. Courtesy of Allen Morrison. 21 OC 1996.

V-814a Ex-Santiago 1947 Pullman-Standard 814. The modern squarish headlights existed on this trolley from 2000 until 2003. They were removed at the urging of enthusiasts when 814 was repaired following a fire, replacing them to the old (round) style, placed in the correct high-up position. Also in the late 90s the yellow and blue paint scheme was part of an advertising livery at the time. 814 was repainted in late 2003 back into an old-style paint scheme during the aforementioned repairs (see the photo below of 814 taken by Jeff Wien). Photographer unknown. 2002.

V-50x Valparaíso articulated trolleybus 503, ex-Zürich 129. It was one of six identical Zürich vehicles acquired by ETCE in September 1991. All entered service in Valparaíso (in late 1991), but after only a brief period, four were transferred to ETCE's jointly-owned ETS system in Santiago, renumbered as 501-504, where they opened that system on 24 DE 1991. They returned to Valparaíso in 1995/96 but sat in storage until 2003, when Nos. 503 and 504 returned to service. The all-green paint scheme dates to about June 2003, and 503 was one of the first trolleybuses in the fleet to receive it. Around December 2003, ETCE reverted to green-and-cream with a silver roof as its standard livery, but 503 and 504 and four Pullman-Standards (723, 806, 821 and 888) are still in the completely green paint scheme as of November 2006. Circa JN 2003. Photographer unknown.

V-723 1952 Pullman-Standard 723 is still running after 55 years. Valparaíso's Pullman-Standard series 701-730 were the last batch of trolleys that Pullman-Standard ever built. As of 2006, five unmodernized units from this batch including 709 shown elsewhere on this site and 714, 715, 721 and 723 are still in operation. All the remaining units of the 1946-48 batch with the exception of 814 were modernized between 1987 and 1992 to varying degrees. Photographer Bill Volkmer? Submitted by Wally Young. Date unknown.

V-801 Valparaíso 801, of 1946, was Santiago's first Pullman-Standard and is older than 814, but it was remodeled with new windows in 1989. It was acquired by Valparaíso after the abandonment of the first Santiago system in 1978. This was the vehicle that Chilean President González Videla tested on 16 July 1947, and it was one of two Pullmans (the other was 811) that formally inaugurated Chile's first big trolleybus system in Santiago on 31 October 1947. Allen Morrison photographed it on Calle Esmeralda in Valparaíso on 26 AP 1994. Photo by Allen Morrison.

V-102 1966 Berna 102 imported from Schaffhausen, Switzerland in 1992 photographed on Calle Edwards. 102 is still in service in 2006 and is still in Schaffhausen livery. Photo by Allen Morrison. 26 AP 1994.

V-709 Valparaíso Pullman-Standard 709 somewhere in downtown Valparaíso. Date and photographer unknown. One might think that 709 spent some time in Boston collecting dents. (-:

V-814b 814 in a green paint scheme is heading north on Plaza Victoria. On the front end it wears a new "Trolley Valpara’so" logo which ETCE adopted in 2003 (but was deleted in 2007). Photo by Jeff Wien. DE 2003. Submitted by Charlie Brown.

V-depot In June 2000 the Valparaíso government expropriated the company's 97-year-old depot (built for trams in 1903) and the fleet was banished to a yard on Ave. España. Diego González Vargas or Mario González Vargas captured this view in September 2000. Courtesy of Allen Morrison.

V-Ex-S Ex-Geneva 1965 Berna 612 entering the loading area at Barón terminus, with various types of Pullman-Standards backed up behind it (unrebuilt 700-series units in two different paint schemes, a rebuilt 800-series and two others which are mostly obscured from view). ETCE acquired 14 vehicles of this type in 1992, but only six entered service, and only three remained in service beyond 1994 or so (but all three were still running in 2006). In December 2006, No. 612 was still in the Geneva colours it wore at the time of acquisition in 1992. [Note: 612 was repainted green and cream with a silver roof in mid March of 2007]. And in this photo it is also displaying a Geneva route number and destination (Aéroport). Photo by Sebastión López. 27 APR 2006.

V-801b Valpara’so 1946 Pullman-Standard 801 (ex-Santiago) at the new shops and yard at Placilla, Chile. This facility replaces the former one on Avenida España (see above). The owners of the latter site, which ETCE had been leasing since 2000, sold it in mid-2006, forcing the transport company to find a new location, which is Placilla Š roughly 12 km from Valparaíso! The trolleys are now kept on the streets of Valparaíso unless they need maintenance. Refurbishment of trolleys also takes place at Placilla. Photo by Pablo Serra. 9 SEP 06.

V-142 1950 Saurer/Hess/BBC ex-Schaffhausen 142. It was of the trolleys of this set rebodied. It was parked for ten years due to problems with the electrical equipment and electric brakes. The problems were finally fixed. Photo by Samuel Fuentes. NOV 2009. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

V-612 Ex-Geneva 1965 Berna 612 passing by a building damaged in the recent violent earthquake. Photo by Samuel Fuentes. 3 APR 2010. See more on 612 above. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.

V-3ps Pullman-Standard 723 and an unidentifed Pullman-Standard and a Shenfeng trolleybus. Photo by Trolleybus Valpara’so. Date uncertain (20xx). Courtesy of Trolleybus Valpara’so.

V-617 1965 Berna/SWS/SAAS model 4GTP Trolleybus 617 at Pl. Sotomayor. Photo by Trolleybus Valpara’so. 14 JAN 2011. Courtesy of Trolleybus Valpara’so.

V-714 Pullman-Standard 714 . After a serious accident either earlier this year or last year, 714 was replace. IGBT electrical parts were installed replacing the older parts. Photo by Samuel Fuentes. 2011. Courtesy of TrolleyMotion.


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