PC NEGOPY package, including:

  • Online Manuals (pdf)
  • RENUMBER, NEG2ADJ, ADJACENT, FREE2FIX programs and documentation

    To obtain a package, send an e-mail request to
    To obtain the latest version of Negopy, please write to and tell us a bit
    about yourself, your research, what university and department you are in, and what
    you hope to do with Negopy. Please say more than "I want to test Negopy" or "I am
    getting into SNA."


          Negopy is now shareware. If you find the program useful, please send a check for
    a suitable amount written to "SFU-Negopy". Funds received will be used for program
    development and student assistants. Please send the check to Bill Richards at Simon
    Fraser University, School of Communication, 8888 University Drive, Burnaby, BC,
    Canada V5A 1S6.  
          If you do this, a hardcopy printed version of the manual -- easier to use than the pdf
    version at -- will be sent to
    you in thanks.

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    1 Janary, 2007