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One of the oldest network analysis programs, NEGOPY finds cliques, liaisons, and isolates in networks having up to 1,000 members and 20,000 links. In use at over 100 universities and research centers around the world.

NEGOPY is a discrete, linkage-based program for the analysis of networks. The primary goal of the program is to define clusters of nodes that have more contact with one another than with nodes in other clusters. These clusters are called groups, and are conceptually similar (but not identical) to the "cliques" often referred to in the sociometric literature. NEGOPY also sorts nodes into a number of role categories on the basis of their linkage with one another. Final descriptions of the network and its members are expressed in terms of links between the nodes, rather than in terms of abstract patterns of variance, etc.

 For input, NEGOPY wants a list of pairwise links between individuals in the network. Links are defined by giving the ID numbers of the individuals connected by the link and some number of indicators of the strength of the link. The program allows a range of choices to be made concerning directed or undirected links, unreciprocated or unconfirmed links, multi-stranded links, and various aspects of the strength of links.

For output, the program provides organized summaries and analyses of the links of each individual in the network, descriptions of the various network roles and of the individuals assigned to each role category, and extensive descriptions of clusters of interconnected individuals (groups). These descriptions are all expressed in terms of linkage patterns of the individuals. Summary statistics are provided at three levels of analysis: the individual, the group, and the whole network. The program also provides an optional output file which can be used for secondary analysis. It runs in under 600K in DOS. The program comes with a 174-page manual and user's guide. Most recent version: 4.302 (November 1995).

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