Dr. Diana M. Allen
B.Sc. Honours, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Carleton University)


My Research Interests

Groundwater Resources Research Group (our main research site)

Climate Change Impacts on Groundwater Systems

Climate Change Impacts Research Consortium (CCIRC)

Groundwater Resources Assessment under the Pressures of Humanity and Climate Change (GRAPHIC) - A UNESCO program (pdf)

Water Security and Groundwater Risk Assessment

Groundwater Flow Systems in Mountainous Regions

Groundwater and Storm Surge in Coastal Regions

Research Projects (Graduate and Undergraduate Students)

My Publications

Facilities and Equipment


Dr. Diana Allen
Department of Earth Sciences
Simon Fraser University

7239 TASC I Building
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 1S6

Phone:  (778) 782-3967
Fax:      (778) 782-4198
E-mail:  dallen at sfu.ca

Teaching and Other Resources

Hydrogeology Courses at SFU

Graduate Student Opportunities

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