Political Leave


February 19, 1974

Revision Date


GP 02

Revision No.


  1. It is the policy of Simon Fraser University to encourage Faculty and Staff members to seek and hold public office. At the same time it is necessary that satisfactory arrangements be made to cover his or her responsibilities to the University.

  2. As a matter of policy, leave without pay shall be granted to Faculty and Staff members who have been elected to public office. Both length of leave and whether such leave is part-time or full-time, shall correspond to the extent of conflict between the duties of the public office and responsibilities to the University.

  3. Staff and Faculty members who are either seeking nomination or campaigning for public office are expected to do so on their own time. This may necessitate part-time leave without pay or satisfactory alternative arrangements.

  4. It is incumbent upon Faculty and Staff members who intend to seek nomination or to campaign for public office to inform their supervisors, e.g. Department Chair or Division Head, as early as possible of their intention in order that prospective leave or alternative arrangements can be discussed. It is of particular importance that Faculty members should endeavour to provide as much notice as possible of their interest in seeking nomination in order that provisional planning for teaching replacements can be undertaken.

  5. Upon completion of political duties, the member of Faculty or Staff may return to the University to a position comparable to that vacated. While on leave of absence, a Faculty or Staff member may keep in force any or all of his or her fringe benefits by assuming the total cost (the University's as well as his or her own share) of such fringe benefits.


  1. Application for Leave

    In all cases request for leave should be initiated by written communication to the appropriate Department Chair, Director or Head of Division.

  2. Granting of Leave

    1. Granting of leave without pay, or alternative arrangements, to seek nomination for public office will be the responsibility of the Department Chair in the case of a Faculty member and the Director of a Department or Head of Division for professional and support staff.

    2. Granting of leave without pay, or alternative arrangements, to campaign for public office will be the responsibility of the appropriate Vice-President.

    3. Granting a leave without pay to hold elected public office requires the approval of the Board of Governors. The initial leave and extensions will normally be granted; however, the maximum period for which the initial leave or any extension shall be granted is three years.

  1. Completion of leave

    On return from leave, the appropriate Vice-President will make recommendations to the President regarding appropriate placement and salary level for the Faculty or Staff member.