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SFU's Engagement fueled by student contributions

April 11, 2012

Three events I attended last week reaffirm my sense of how committed SFU students are to making real the vision of an “engaged university”.
On Wednesday, I and other Staff and faculty members joined student athletes and their supporters for the Clan end of year gala and awards ceremony.  The event provided ample evidence of the incredible dedication shown by our varsity athletes, not only in the realm of sports but also in their academic pursuits and their social contributions.
On Thursday, I gave welcoming remarks at the SFU Surrey student ambassador appreciation event, at which 83 students – the largest group ever – were honoured with bronze, silver and gold awards for their volunteer efforts on behalf of the university.  This brings to almost 900 the number of Surrey students who have served as ambassadors since 2004.
On Friday, I dropped by The Peak’s offices to wish the editorial staff well during their last production night dinner.  Amidst the inevitable razzing I received (including questions about my favourite presidential perk – “my parking spot” – and the number of suits I own – “a lot more than I did two years ago”), it occurred to me that the fact that this group was meeting on the Friday evening of a long weekend to deliver another edition of SFU’s legendary student newspaper spoke volumes about their devotion to the university community.
Three events in three days involving three very different groups of students.  Yet they  have one thing in common.  They all exhibit an extraordinary degree of student energy and commitment to SFU – one that makes me proud to be the President of this increasingly “engaged university.”                

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