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SFU Public Square Team

Philip Steenkamp


Vice-President, SFU External Relations

Philip's long career in public service includes several posts as deputy minister in BC and Ontario. He now oversees community engagement, international education, government relations, media and public relations, and marketing at SFU.

Shauna Sylvester


Executive Director, SFU Public Square

For more than 25 years, Shauna has been engaging the world through groundbreaking social justice work at home and around the world. Director of the SFU Centre for Dialogue, she is also the founding executive director of Carbon Talks, a national initiative to accelerate Canada's shift to a low-carbon economy.

Janet Webber


Program Director, SFU Public Square

A graduate of SFU's Undergraduate Semester in Dialogue, Janet brings years of experience working at the intersections of government, non-profit, public policy and education. Janet worked with Action Canada, a national fellowship program for emerging Canadian leaders, and has convened dialogues and events in multiple fields.

Yuri Artibise


External Projects & Communications Manager,
SFU Public Square

Yuri is an experienced community engagement strategist with a passion for urban planning and public participation. His work focuses on productively engaging communities and decision-makers to address a wide variety of pressing public policy issues.

Averyl Bancroft


SFU Public Square

Averyl is an undergraduate student in Communications, with a minor in Business at SFU. Having worked for The United Way of the Lower Mainland, and now with SFU Public Square, they are passionate about empowering communities to come together and challenge the future ahead. Averyl is thrilled to be a part of the Public Square team, and is looking forward to engaging with all our program volunteers!

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Brenda Tang


Administrative Manager,
SFU Centre for Dialogue

As SFU Public Square is housed at the SFU Centre for Dialogue, Brenda manages the SFU Public Square budget in addition to providing general administrative support and guidance. Seasoned in all aspects of administrative operation, Brenda has an extensive background in departmental and project budgets, event planning and logistics, human resources, office coordination, marketing, social media and website management.

Shea O'Neil


Assistant to the Director, SFU Centre for Dialogue

After working as a Research Assistant with Carbon Talks during her final year of her undergraduate degree, Shea has now joined the Centre for Dialogue in the role of Assistant to the Director.

Shea holds a BA in Environmental Geography from SFU, as well as a Certificate in Spatial Information Science. She is very passionate about sustainability issues, especially those related to waste management and transportation in Metro Vancouver. Shea has previous experience as a Green Team Ambassador with the City of Vancouver, and volunteered as a Sustainability Peer Educator, and a Zero Waste Educator at SFU.

She is currently the Sustainability Ambassador for the Centre for Dialogue Office. Shea brings not only a passion for our work but an attention to relationship building and to administration.

Kelvin Chan


Budget Assistant, SFU Centre for Dialogue

SFU Resource Team

Laurie Anderson
Executive director,
SFU Vancouver

Mark Winston Senior Fellow, Centre for Dialogue

Michael Boucher
Cultural programming

Am Johal
Community outreach

Robin Prest
Program Manager, Centre for Dialogue

SFU Public Square would like to acknowledge all the past and present interns that has made the Community Summit such a tremendous success. Without your help, SFU PS would not be possible.

Thank you


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