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Guidelines Affecting Students and Courses in the Event of a Labour Dispute or other Major Disruption

approved by Senate February 2000

General Statement

In the event of a labour dispute it is the University's intention to continue operation. The University will endeavour to maintain instruction in all credit courses, provide access to core library and other important services, and continue examinations as scheduled. Course instructors are responsible for teaching their courses and students are responsible for fulfilling course requirements. However, the University respects the right of students or course instructors, as a matter of conscience, to refuse to cross a picket line in a labour dispute. 

If a Student Chooses Not to Cross a Picket Line

  1. A student choosing not to cross picket lines must inform the course instructor in writing or by email.
  2. Students not crossing picket lines are still responsible for fulfilling course requirements.
  3. Students who miss an examination or thesis defence as a result of not crossing a picket line must contact their Department Chair/School Director.

If a course is not held (for example because the instructor does not cross picket line)

  1. Department Chairs will endeavour to make alternate arrangements for classes for which an instructor is absent. Classes may not be relocated from their normal location.
  2. Course cancellations which are known to the university will be posted on the web site at:
  3. If courses and examinations are cancelled or if students are unable to fulfill course requirements as a result of the disruption, the Department Chair will attempt to follow the normal evaluation plan for the course, or if this is not possible, will determine how students will be evaluated.
  4. Students should attempt to resolve any difficulties relating to their courses first with the instructor and then with the appropriate Department Chair. 

Other disruptions

All or parts of this procedure may be used by the university in the event of any major disruption which might have an impact on courses. 

Additional Guidelines

If circumstances require additional guidance regarding the provision of instruction, the President shall issue additional guidelines which address those specific situations.

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