Welcome to the website of the Technology for Injury Prevention in Seniors (TIPS) program.

TIPS is a unique university-community partnership for developing new technologies to prevent falls and fall-related injuries in older adults. We are funded by the AGE-WELL National Centre for Excellence (NCE), and by the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) through the Emerging Teams in Mobility in Aging and Strategic Teams in Applied Injury Research programs.

Everyone experiences a fall now and then. While most falls do not cause serious injury, occasionally we are reminded of how even a simple fall from standing can be catastrophic. Indeed, falls from standing height are the most common cause of injury-related hospitalizations across the lifespan. 

Falls are especially devastating among older adults, as the cause of over 90% of hip fractures and wrist fractures, and 60% of head injuries in this population. Approximately 20% of hip fracture patients die within a year, and 50% will not return to their pre-fracture level of mobility and independence.

TIPS uses innovative approaches (such as video capture and wearable sensors) to determine the causes and circumstances of falls of older adults. We also develop and test the effectiveness of engineering interventions such as protective clothing and compliant flooring in reducing fall-related injuries.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about this innovative program.

The above video is based on a 2009 Discovery Channel episode highlighting TIPS research on fall injury prevention.


Lab contact information: 

Injury Prevention and Mobility Laboratory 
Room K8508 
Simon Fraser University 
8888 University Drive 
Burnaby, BC, Canada 
V5A 1S6 
Telephone: 778.782.6679 
Fax: 778.782.3040

Recent News

In May 2017, TIPS researchers Yijian Yang and Kim van Schooten presented their work on the role of recreation therapy programs on the mobility of older adults in long-term care at the BC Care Providers Association (BCCPA) 40th annual conference in Whistler, BC. The BCCPA represents many providers of community care for seniors in the province. More details on the BCCPA and their conference can be found here.

On June 6, 2017, Mosaic published an article on falls featuring TIPS. Mosaic is an online publication on the science of life, produced by the Wellcome Trust, a UK-based charitable organization that funds over £5 billion in health research annually. TIPS director Stephen Robinovitch was interviewed in Mosaic’s feature story, ‘How to fall to your death and live to tell the tale’ by Neil Sternberg, published June 6, 2017. See the story here. Mosaic also produced a short video to accompany the story with some interesting statistics and footage from SFU-TIPS. See the video here.

The IPML hosted Point of Care Health Technologies (PCHT) Research Forum on May 29th 2017. The Point of Care Health Technologies (PCHT) Research Team is an interdisciplinary group of SFU researchers and trainees from Mechatronics, Engineering Science, Computing Science, Gerontology, and Kinesiology. As part of the monthly PHCT Research Forum series, on May 29, 2017, the IPML hosted oral presentations and a lab tour highlighting our work on fall prevention in seniors and concussion prevention in ice hockey. Attendees observed the IPML’s “Slipitron" perturbation platform, the “Dwayne" checking dummy, and the hip impact simulator.

On May 26th 2017, TIPS researchers participated in Age-Well's Hacking Health National Ideathon in Vancouver, an event bringing together researchers, business people and community members to focus on developing new technologies promoting and supporting healthy aging. More information on the event and design competition can be found here and here

IPML hockey concussion research in the news! On April 2nd 2017, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) ran a web story focusing on IPML research showing that head impact severity during shoulder-to-head impacts in ice hockey, and the related risk for concussion,  is decreased by adding an external layer of soft padding to shoulder pads. The article can be viewed here.

IPML researchers at BPK Research Day. On March 31st 2017, IPML undergraduate researchers (Kai-Jing Leong, Chantel Galang, Tim Lui, Olivia Aguiar, Amerdeep Sidhu) presented posters describing their projects at the SFU annual BPK Research Day. Their posters can be found here.

On March 30th 2017, TIPS researchers joined fellow Age-Well members at the Age-Well Roadshow, an afternoon of sessions discussing how the Age-Well NCE Network is addressing key challenges faced by seniors through innovative technology.