Awards recognition

Our awards recognition page celebrates faculty, past and present, who have received awards and fellowships for their outstanding contributions to research and innovation.

External research award opportunities

The Major Awards Office maintains a comprehensive Research Awards Calendar (available to those with an SFU email address) which chronologically lists and details over 200 external research- and innovation-related award and fellowship opportunities at all career levels.

Those with an email address may subscribe to the awards calendar through SFU Connect, following the instructions posted here and by entering to Find Shares.


Awards carry substantial monetary and/or reputational value for researchers, departments, faculties, and the university.  Often, submissions are accepted only by invitation or there is a limit on the number of submissions permitted per institution. Year round, we welcome the suggestion of candidates for nomination through our customized online candidate submission forms.

For record keeping purposes, even if you do not require assistance with the nomination of an SFU faculty member for a major external award, we would appreciate receiving an electronic copy of the dossier.

Enhancing Global Recognition for Canadian Research Excellence

Enhancing Global Recognition for Canadian Research Excellence is an initiative led by the Governor General of Canada and the Science, Technology and Innovation Council to boost Canada’s research profile on the global stage by doubling the number of Canadian winners of international research awards by 2017. Support provided includes:

  1. An inventory of major international awards (these have been incorporated into SFU’s Awards calendar);
  2. Assistance with obtaining external review of institutions’ draft nomination statements and obtaining international endorsements;
  3. Connecting the institution with the Tri-Agency Awards Coordinator for support, if a nomination suggested by the Governor General’s Committee to Enhance Canada’s Success in International Awards/Prizes is pursued.

The Major Awards Office serves as the primary liaison with the Tri-Agency Awards Coordinator.

Other research funding opportunities

Faculty Members:

Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Fellows:


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