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The Centre for Imaginative Education seeks to nurture a new way of thinking about and practicing education, for institutions, individuals, and communities.

Drawing on leading-edge research into the ways in which understanding develops, for individuals and cultures, the Centre works with educators of all kinds to engage a greater range of emotions and cognitive abilities in the processes of teaching and learning. Among other outcomes of this approach, learning environments can become more inclusive and exciting places, learners gain a deeper, more lasting, and more flexible grasp of subject matter, and educators develop new skills, energy, and inspiration.

The Centre coordinates both the Imaginative Education Research Group at Simon Fraser University (SFU), and the International Research Network on Imaginative Education, which involves researchers around the world. It also provides publications, workshops, and other materials and services to educators in the field.

The Centre is managed by a steering committee drawn from the academic community at Simon Fraser University, with guidance from an Advisory Board whose members come from a wide range of professional and social backgrounds.

Projects and programs associated with the Centre for Imaginative Education include: